I offer a variety of Studio Services to help you get your song or album sounding the way you want it to!

- Reamping Service  $60/Song

I Take your DI Files (up to 6 per 5 minute song) and re-amp them using my collection of high end tube amps.
First we talk about the tone you are going for, then we go from there. You are given .Wav files of high quality
guitar tracks that drop right into your project.

- Mixing Service  $200-$275/Song

You send me your song tracks and I mix and master your song or songs! Price varies on several things like
amount of tracks, MIDI drums, quantizing, etc. Please contact me with any questions!

- Mastering Service  $40/Song

This is just a straight mastering job on your already-mixed tunes. I do a test master, we talk about it, I master
the rest of the tunes.