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4 Best Podcasts for Fans of Rock Music

Rock music is often thought of as a genre that’s intense and loud. As it exudes amazing energy, it is also described as electrifying by some. You might’ve come across such descriptions while being introduced to rock music. However, it is important to know that there’s much more to it. 

Rock music is an extremely popular genre that developed from ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ in the 1950s. Later, it took on a style of its own. Despite being discouraged by many owing to its loud and rebellious nature, rock music enjoys a massive fan following. It also has a rich history. This is one particular genre that allows you to express your emotions freely. 

So, if you wish to know more about this type of music, you must certainly listen to podcasts. Of course, they must not be the random ones but those dedicated to rock music. We’ve picked a few podcasts that would help you learn more about this genre. So, why wait? Let’s go through the list right away.

1. Sound Opinions

A Chicago-based radio talk show and podcast, Sound Opinions was started in 1993. It has now been turned into a podcast, hosted by Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis. The producers of this podcast are Andrew Gill and Alex Claiborne. Sound Opinions speaks about rock music, its history, famous artists in the genre, and their hit albums. 

Every week interviews with well-known rock artists are hosted on the podcast. You can also expect some good conversations about the music industry in general. Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot are renowned rock critics of the United States. They take you through the rock music timeline and keep you engaged in their discussions about the recent additions.

2. The Classic Rock Podcast

Anyone can easily guess that this podcast is about classic rock. Hosted by Tim Caple, it provides valuable information about the important icons of rock music every month. The podcast also has discussions on the recent happenings in the world of music. It has a segment titled ‘Album of the Month’. A classic rock album is picked and discussed in detail in this segment. 

It talks about everything from its history to the inspiration behind it and the process of its creation. You’re also told about the new features in various music magazines. The podcast also takes a look at the Rock Album Charts.

3. The Rock and Roll Geek Show

This podcast was created by Michael Butler based in California, United States. Michael has his own band, but The Rock and Roll Geek Show became the reason behind his fame. He plays the bass guitar and performs vocals for his band, American Heartbreak. 

Besides these ventures, Michael is also a host of other podcasts. Cooking with Butler, Hairbanger’s Ball, Roll Geek Indie Cast, and Bangin’ with Butler. The Rock and Roll Geek Show is seen as rock music’s original school. It gives you some fabulous information on rock ‘n’ roll music.

4. The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus

The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus is all about guitar-driven rock music. It covers the genre from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. You’re taken on a journey through these eras while listening to the podcast. It would allow you to experience the origin of authentic rock music. 

You can also listen to the current happenings in this genre of music and its future. This podcast also talks about the most inspiring rock artists and their uplifting stories.

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