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The Fantastic Journey of the Rock Band Dragged Under

Formed in 2019, Dragged Under is an American hard rock/punk rock band. It has the former members of the Rest, Repose musical group. Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce is on lead guitar, the vocalist is Anthony Cappocchi, and on the rhythm guitar is Josh Wildhorn. Zesty Sams and Kalun Wertz joined later on bass and drums respectively. However, both these members departed and the lineup was changed. 

Kalun and Zesty got replaced with Hans Hessburg on bass and Kalen Anderson on drums. Later, Josh Wildhorn stepped down and his position was filled by Sean Rosario. The debut album of Dragged Under is The World Is In Your Way. It was in the Top 10 of US Alternative iTunes charts. On the Billboard top alternative new artists, it grabbed the 18th position. It is also on the current music charts of hard rock.


All the earlier members of Dragged Under were a part of the musical group Rest, Repose. The lineup of Rest, Repose had Ryan Bruce, Josh Wildhorn, Tony Cappochi, Jared Dines and Christopher Ghazel. Josh Wildhorn was the newest member of the band at the time. Jared and Chris left the band sometime later. Tony, Ryan, and Josh decided that they’d go ahead with the second album of Rest, Repose. 

They needed to get a new drummer and rhythm guitarist for the band. After spending some time practising and recording new music, they thought that it was not worth continuing. Instead, they formed a new band, Dragged Under. What was supposed to be the second album of Rest, Repose became the debut album of Dragged Under. It was not known how much of the former band’s second album was completed.

Releases and debut album

The band released their debut single on the 8th of June, 2019. It was titled Here For War. On Friday, the 12th of July, their second single Hypochondria was released along with the song’s music video. The band performed as Dragged Under on the 27th for the first time in Santa Cruz. They had recruited Zesty Sams and Kalun Wertz sometime back. 

Sams played the bass guitar and Wertz was on drums. On the 7th of September, they performed in their first show at a concert in Seattle. The band performed along with the bands Avoid, Into the Flood, and For The Likes Of You. Jared Dines, YouTuber and former bandmate of Rest, Repose had hosted the event. After this concert, drummer Kalun Wertz departed due to reasons unknown. 

Zesty Sams also departed in order to work for Jared Dines. On the 17th, the band announced that they were about to embark on their first-ever tour of North America. This announcement was made via social media. They also offered their support for Being as an Ocean. Two days later, an announcement was made that the tour had been cancelled. 

On the 11th of October, they released their third single called Riot along with its music video. Next was their tour of Portland, Denver, Spokane, Los Angeles, Grand Junction, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, and San Francisco. They announced on social media that Kalen Anderson would be drumming for them. The announcement also said that Hans Hessburg will be playing the bass guitar. 

They released their 4th single titled Instability on the 22nd of November. On the 17th of January, 2020, the band released their debut album The World Is In Your Way. It received a lot of appreciation from fans as well as critics.

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